Double Ended Open Spanner (Chrome Plated)

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Double Ended Open Spanner (Chrome Plated)

Brand Taparia
Item Code DEP
Grade Generally conforming to IS 2028-2004
Material Steel


  • It is made from high grade steel,forged and accurately machined.
  • Provide with appropriate surface protection for rust prevention.
Item Code Size (mm)
DEP-6x7 6x7
DEP-8x9 8x9
DEP-8x10 8x10
DEP-10x11 10x11
DEP-12x13 12x13
DEP-14x15 14x15
DEP-14x17 14x17
DEP-16x17 16x17
DEP-18x19 18x19
DEP-20x22 20x22
DEP-21x23 21x23
DEP-24x26 24x26
DEP-24x27 24x27
DEP-25x28 25x28
DEP-30x32 30x32


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