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UnionDrop Bolt

Item Code TB38
Voltage 12 to 24V
Current (Start) 1400mA @ 12V, 1100mA @ 24V
Current (Holding) 260mA @ 12V, 105mA @ 24V
Holding Force 2000 kg
Locking Mode PTL & PTO
Dimensions (Mortice) 164 x 33 mm
Bolt Length 14.3 x 14 mm
Faceplate Size 202 x 38 mm
Monitoring Contacts Bolt & Door
  • High Security. Bolt is deadlocked in the extended position
  • Bolt position monitored
  • Door position monitor with integrated magnet into the strike plate (no need to install a separate reed switch)
  • Multiple orientation, drop bolts will work horizontally or vertically
  • Power to Lock/ Power to Open
  • Continuously Rated Solenoid
  • Tamper Proof. Lock cannot be defeated by slipping a metal object between lock and striker plate
  • Intelligent Electronics. These intelligent bolts will attempt to re-close the bolt 8 times, allowing time for swing through doors to settle in the closed position
  • Thermal Protection. In the event of solenoid overheat, a thermal fuse will operate, eliminating any fire risk
  • CE marked to EMC Directive


The TB38 range of drop bolts represent true engineering innovation, design excellence and the superior quality customers have come to expect and demand from Trimec®. Designed for use on swing-through, double action doors, these drop bolts are ideal for applications where an electric strike is impractical.

  • Glass doors
  • Timber Doors

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