Fire Door Kit - Corridor

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UnionFire Door Kit - Corridor

Kit Suitable for Door upto 950 mm Wide & 60 kg in Weight
Max Opening Angle 130°
Hinges Material Satin Stainless Steel
Fire Door Signage Material Satin Stainless Steel
Pull Handle Diameter 19 mm
  • The Kit can be installed on doors up to 950mm wide and 60kg in weight
  • Hinges have 2 ball bearing races for improved durability and template fixing screw holes, ideal for timber doors
  • The Grade 13 hinges are intended for use on doors up to 120kg
  • The CE3F Rack & Pinion closer is fully tested as an EN 3 closer in regular, transom and parallel arm installation
  • CE3F closer has a max opening angle of 130°
  • The cast body design includes adjustable closing speed and latch control valves so each door can be set up to suit its location
  • Square corners on hinges makes door preparation easy with chisel and hammer
  • Hinges have completed 200k cycle durability testing to give re-assurance on longevity
  • 1000 Series pull handle has bolt through fixings for secure installation
  • The 19mm diameter pull handle is a simple D shape without roses for a streamlined appearance
  • The push plate is easy to screw to door to mask the handle fixings with 4 screws in the radiused corners
  • The closer has completed 500k cycle durability
  • Signage reminds users to keep the door shut to ensure the fire door can perform as expected if needed
  • C433 hinges are manufactured from 201 satin stainless steel.
  • 1000 Series pull handle and escutcheons are manufactured from 304 satin stainless steel.
  • Push plate is manufactured from stainless steel
  • CE3F door closer cast body and armset is painted silver finish.
  • Fire Door signage is screen printed on satin stainless steel.


  • The C433 hinges are CE Marked to EN 1935 and Certifire approved
  • The CE3F closer is CE Marked to EN 1154 and Certifire approved


Designed for passage doors that are simply push/pull in design, this kit does not include a lock but instead relies on a closer to hold the door shut and a pull handle and push plate for easy use. Typical applications include corridor doors where normal opening/closing is by pushing or pulling only. The Kit is ideal for use on timber fire doors, either FD30 or FD60.

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