Smart Digital Lock

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YaleSmart Digital Lock

Item Code YDR4110
Backset Size 60-90 mm
Door Thickness 35-45 mm
Froth Body Dimension 9(D)x 65 (W)x163(H)
Back Body Dimension 36(D)x158 (W)x 85(H)

YDR4110 rim lock is a smart solution for residential & "light" commercial applications. 2 access solutions to open your door: fingerprint & PIN code. The innovative features, such as alarms, fake code or automatic locking will provide comfort and will increase your feeling of security.


  • Type: rim lock
  • Credentials:
  • Pin code (4 to 12 digits)
  • Fingerprint reader (up to 20 users)
  • Mechanical key: no
  • Options: extra remote controls
  • Suitable for left or right opening


  • Various access (PIN code & fingerprint)
  • Smart touchpad
  • Operation status notification
  • Voice guide feature
  • Automatic locking
  • Alarm (break-in/damage)
  • Low battery alarm & emergency power with 9v battery

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